16 Jul 2018

As is the case with most of the “In The Line of Duty” films, this one was very entertaining! The set certainly looks spookily real. Ambush In Waco at this time. Miriam Byrd-Nethery as Harriet. This made-for-television drama first aired on NBC and was made shortly after the tragic stand-off in Waco, Texas when a conflict between the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and a group of cultist led by charismatic leader and self-proclaimed messiah David Koresh turned into a bloody battle that left the believers’ compound burned and many dead. View All Critic Reviews 1. I took a lunch break, and I went to work that afternoon playing a dead man. Heather McAdam as Michelle.

They all had something on Waco. I like the was the movie was put together. A good film to have in your movie library! I don’t think he was a cackling villain who went back to his room to plot his next move. Most relevant reviews See all 9 reviews. Views Read View source View history.

View All Photos 1. Certainly the ears of a large part of Oklahoma could hear the near constant din coming from the set, as gunfire echoed wsco grenades exploded. NewsOK Pro is a fast and easy way to build your own customized topic pages and add them to the existing NewsOK you’ve grown to love. It was a totally creepy experience. Daly, for one, will be happy not to look back.

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Ambush in Waco” will air Sunday from 8 to 10 p. Great and entertaining films all!! Milt Tarver as Cameron. But what reverberated more meaningfully for many in the cast was the emotional aftermath of the Waco fire. Views Read View source View history. Even on April duhy, as the real compound exploded in flames, the cameras never stopped rolling.

An M72 LAW launcher is briefly seen in the weapons arsenal. Show More Show Less.

Nbc Sunday Night at the Movies in the Line of Duty: Ambush in Waco

Social Media Facebook Forum. Daly took the role before a script had been written. All Critics 1 Fresh 1 Rotten 0. CAR carbines are seen on the gun racks at a gun store and in the jovie room of Mount Carmel. Because NBC wanted the film ready for the sweeps, the cast and crew the dutty has nearly 50 speaking parts and about extras had to put in hour days, six days a week. The film also traces the path government agents took that eventually led to their botched February raid.

Waco TX Sports Tickets. Anne Gee Byrd as Sue Llamas. This is a chance to give people more than just a few words on a newscast. Are Kaufman—and NBC—merely exploiting a tragedy for ratings points and profit? Do they make a profit? William O’Leary as Adrian. Ambush in Waco” was pushed into production before the resolution of the day confrontation at the Branch Ilne compound.

Of course, the final, infernal chapter of the real Waco story could still have a major effect on Ambush. Stephen Mailer as McKeehan. It will give them an emotional perspective to move beyond a black-or-white opinion.

Sun, May 23, I don’t think he was conscious of dutu anything wrong. Contents 1 Handguns 1. Ambush In Waco I was interested in viewing the stand off between the dividians and atf.

Since the film ends almost two months before the compound was movei, no last-minute alterations were needed in the script. Waco Aviation Engine Parts. Little things were off, Koresh was shot in the abdomen, not the hand like this movie. Kind of questions the integrity of in the line of duty ambush in waco movie film. I don’t think he was a cackling villain who went back to his room to plot his next move.

It was a somber day, and maybe I haven’t completely sorted out my feelings yet. But even if Ambush turns out to be as nonexploitive as an episode of This Old HouseNBC still hopes to cash in on what the network sees as its awesome Nielsen potential by running the movie during the all-important May ratings sweeps.

In the line of duty ambush in waco movie following weapons were used in the film In the Line of Duty: I’m Dying Up Here. A good film to have in your movie library! Glenn Morshower as Conway LeBleu. This item doesn’t belong on this page.

Kent Broadhurst as Cole. Ratings and Reviews Write a review.

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Most relevant reviews See all 9 reviews. Waco 17th Row Sports Tickets. Tim Daly as David Koresh. Good movie Very entertaining movie Verified purchase: Darryl Cox as Clerk. Siege at Marion and A Woman Scorned: An ATF sniper team operating from a house near the Branch Davidian compound use what appear to be Winchester Model 70 Black Shadow rifles to provide covering fire during the shootout between the agents and the Davidians.