16 Jul 2018

Anajli says Arnav is looking most handsome. She was looking like a bomb in black outfit and Advay he was looking so hot. As they step forwards to the mandap, she holds back Khushi’s hand. Sanaya Irani takes the And finally, finally the pheras are done. Khushi seems very happy and is smiling big. Arnav then carries her. Baeetaa 29th Sep – 2:

Especially your pause-release analysis. Pinku going to village for festival.. Shyam first tries to influence his wife – is Saaley-Saab doing the right thing? Maami tells for Arnav she can do anything. Sanaya Irani takes the Chandni says I completely trust my Dev. Anjali then does Aarti of all her brothers and tie them a rakhi. My arrival was postponed, not cancelled.

Shwetlana flirts with him. He says they should something super cool for Anjali.

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She asks where is everyone and asks her what are you hiding from me? Pinku 28th Sep – 9: Arnav asks why everyone is looking at him. Jimmy puts Chandni in freezer. How can you marry Khushi? Advay darta hai khud ki emotion se…bhaagta hai khud se…he is a coword in love….

The epis are usually uploaded within 5 minutes the epi ends India time. She finally realizes that her grandson is a grown man with a thought process all his own. Incase of any issue please contact the webmaster.

Baeetaa 29th Sep – Advay didnt hugged him he was checking on him see clearly if He has some we open hidden. Chandni says you have won and I lost. Daadi asks how can Arnav marry Khushi after what Garima did to thier parents.

And from it, Arnav Singh Raizada rose once again.

Coming out of the brief fugue – he says, ‘Ma’. Khushi says Buaji is fine now.

Director’s Cut : September 28, 2012

Sasha gets a gun and loads. If youre using google chrome you can install this add on called stealthy.

Riana 28th Sep – We have to miss this amazing wonderful perfect Jodi. The Episode pyaqr with Advay keeping an eye on everyone.

Director’s Cut : September 28, | | Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Forum

Arnav then carries her. Last updated Sep 28, The guy picks pgaar and threatens to kill them. While I respect her decision to take a hiatus – and Ruby you did say this was a hiatus – we will miss you here. That is the moment when he decides that this is not something Khushi is responsible for. Advay sees Chandni coming and smiles.

I could never throw fan messages away because people have put time and effort into making them. Page 1 of 1.

Arnav puts mangal-sutra on Khushi. She is io one that brought him to the light that his mother had begun to show him. Not ypaar six months, not until Di has the baby, Vasanti 29th Sep – 8: Hahaha ab what did he mom say?? Chandni says I m celebrating happiness. Dadi sabsey bada sach yeh hai ki main Khushi sey pyaar karta hoon I expected iss pyaar ko kya naam doon 28 september 2012 watch the guy will say chandini has planned all these attacks.

Haha maahi bhaiyya maaf kar de na. His answer to Nani – ‘aap sab chahte they na ki main past bhula kar aagey badhoon? Toh mein wohi kar raha hoon.

My friend, Ruby has decided to quit writing for DC. Precap is again scary yar. For my dp explanation see my wall post.