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Kazehaya, determined, runs out, searching for Sawako Pin told him where she was. Archived from the original on May 9, Tartaros Attack on Titan – Part 1: Archived from the original on January 29, Anime-Planet users recommend these anime for fans of Kimi ni Todoke 2nd Season. Then, he encounters Ayane who offers to help him in his pursue of love for Sawako, although it isn’t explicitly stated.

Sawako finds Kazehaya waiting for her, and he asks her if he was too conceited to consider himself as her closest male friend due to Kento’s previous display of closeness towards her. May 25, [50]. In class, a new classmate, Miura Kento takes his seat next to Sawako. She’s surprised he remembers, but has also been thinking the same thing. Retrieved May 12, Retrieved January 28,

They are on-topic and relevant Anime related. Despite being nervous and embarrassed, Sawako goes to the classroom to confront Kazehaya.

Retrieved February 24, At the end of the episode the girls from Class A who todooke Sawako find out about Kazehaya and Sawako’s new relationship. Koi ni Kizuku Toki” in Japanese. List of Kimi ni Todoke episodes.

Kimi ni Todoke 2nd Season

Kazehaya, Ryuu, Sawako, Ayane and Chizuru all end up at Pin’s filthy apartment and realize he only has a cold. After hearing enough of it, Kazehaya moves his table and seat next to Sawako’s, and asks to switch with whoever had that number assigned.

Click to load comments. He then brings a ball and helps her practice while a jealous Kurumi watches. The girls try to follow after only to be stopped by Sawako who determinedly said to let her as she was Kurumi’s true rival.

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As they walked off, Ryu catches Chizuru offguard by telling her he likes her. They ask Kento where she is, and Kento says that she’s outside by the benches. November 24, [6]. There may be other sites too for watching movies, TV shows and Anime and all but I bi http: Wild Arms 2 Xenogears.

She reluctantly says goodbye to Kazehaya then goes out to eat with Ayane and Chizuru. She receives a mental kimi ni todoke season 2 episode 0 english sub when Kento says that Kazehaya was probably looking out for her because she was an outcast, and since now she’s not, he probably wouldn’t talk to her anymore, and that he is in love with someone both not realizing it’s Sawako herself.

Kazehaya asks what Kento is doing, and why Sawako is crying. July 25, [24]. The characters seem similar at least but the main male in wallflower is the polar opasite almost.

She runs after Ryu, bumps him in the back and tells him she already knew that. Share anime to your englih When becoming members of the site, you could use the full range of functions and enjoy the most exciting anime. Sawako admits that she cannot help Kurumi confess to Kazehaya. When Sawako gives up her umbrella to cover a box with a puppy in it during a rainstorm, she shows up to school drenched. November 10, [6]. Chizuru and Sawako go out to pick a present for Ryuu’s birthday, and Sawako is sure by the affection Chizuru shows for him klmi Chizuru loves Ryuu.

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Sawako then goes to confront Kurumi after overhearing Ayane saying to Chizuru that ‘there’s one girl who’s definitely crying’ The same group of girls who harassed Sawako in the bathroom in season one gossips and badmouth Sawako near the windowsills and is heard by Kurumi who interfered with the conversation. A separate volume was released September 11, Sanada reveals to Yoshida that his type is someone who is dense and simple, although Yoshida mistakes this for someone who is like Sawako.

September 23, [51]. The manga ended in November [10] and the final volume was released in March Soon everyone leaves, and the girls go back to Chizuru’s house where Chizuru reflects on her past with Ryuu’s brother.

Kurumi tells her that this is just because she doesn’t talk to many guys, so she ought to try talking engllsh others. Remember me Forgot password?

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Archived from the original on April 5, Pin explains that he met Sawako the previous night, and now thinks he is possessed because he doesn’t feel good. Comment Anime Episode Full Rules. Sawako stares in surprise as Kurumi walks off without a word.