31 Jul 2018

A gunshot is fired in the film and Spencer looks away. He asks her about returning to the Hart and the Huntsman ands Spencer says that she did not go to that place since she saw him there. He thinks it’s no accident that she has Alison’s book. I think Alison has a twin sister that’s A. So what do we know? I was born for the job.

And he was right. When she gets there it is Toby, who says he knocked out Ezra. She comments that the painter did a wonderful job. Shocked at the information, Aria brings it to Hanna and Spencer. They get in a car and speed off. Even the costumes are dated back to the s. Mrs Hasting found out earlier after a call from her doctor about a drug subsription that Spencer had tried to organise for herself in her mother’s name.

A doesn’t realize they have the original pages on Spencer’s phone, which means the girls have the upper hand once again. True love honey, you luttle cant kill it.

Before the Liars can confront Aria Lucy Hale with the truth though they are side stepped by another revelation.

He tells her to look at the pages themselves. Second, when they work together things actually get done. He says he’s back with Aria, to which Spencer warns him to stay away.

Ezra has a drink with Toby. But they realize that it’s not Spencer when the real Spencer in a blond wig shows up. Opening up the book, Aria discovers that it has been hollowed out and filled with notes … about Alison.

Hanna is concerned about what they will tell Aria even if they do find her. Toby asks her about the drugs she’s taking. Spencer tells them that they need to tell Aria about Ezra sooner than they had planned to because it is dangerous to wait any longer. Read Caroline’s review of the previous episode, Shadow Play, pretty little liars season 4 episode 20 synopsis. Aria leaves as the bell rings.

She says she loves him, but seems conflicted about how things are going. Just come pretty little liars season 4 episode 20 synopsis and talk to me. I don’t even know who you are! Hanna calls the Foundation’s service looking for a message from an “Alison.

Shadow Play

Spencer says that she does not know what Toby is pretty little liars season 4 episode 20 synopsis. I was born for the job. I have to leave first. Aria arrives and the girls ask about her trip. In the final shot, A is seen picking up loars fallen pages of Ezra’s book that had fallen to the ground earlier.

But Emily and Hanna shoves her off by saying that now is not a good time to do so and that they should wait up to until after school. He tells her that Alison is alive. Games Movies TV Wikis.

The more I see of men the more I want to get a dog, too bad there isnt another alternative. Back at Spencer’s place the girls look through the journal. Let us know all your Pretty Little Liars theories in the comment section below!

Movies,News Spawn Matt Joseph. Shnopsis tells Paige about the time she was like a tom boy and how she eventually lost interest. We don’t have much time.

Spencer calls a number and reaches the Fitzgerald Art Foundation. The episode ends with Aria arriving back home and a mysterious person picking up syynopsis notes. Because I cant stand to see you walk away from me. Paige tells Aria about going on a canoe trip with Emily.

There have been changes made to the journal from the pictures she took. It also gave them enough confidence to approach Aria with their theory. Ezra approaches Spencer at the coffee shop 2 pays for her coffee. Toby tells her she knows the next step to find Alison.

Pretty Little Liars Recap: Season 4, Episode 20 — “Free Fall”

Spencer says that she has no idea. He tells Spencer that the pills will not help her piece the evidences together. On this episode of Pretty Little Liars we pick back up with Spencer the morning after, and someone is definitely in need of her beauty rest.

As surprisingly convincing as Lucy Hale was in prettty pivotal moment in which Aria finally opened her eyes, the episode, again, belonged to Spencer. They get in a car and speed off.

Pretty Little Liars Synopsis For Season 4, Episode 20 — “Free Fall”

Spencer takes another pill and is then confronted by Toby again about the pills. Well, you’re president of the man haters club. Mine too because they included a special in the episode list T And, even if Alison did lie about her age, does that halt the moral dilemma of a college student getting a year-old girl pregnant, and then knowingly starting a romantic relationship with her littlle friend two years later in the name of journalism?